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What is AIDEVI ? How About the Aidevi NMN18000? Where to buy Aidevi NMN18000 NMN21000 ?

Dec 01,2022 | AIDEVI

Aidevi, a health care brand focusing on the field of dietary nutritional supplements, is committed to empowering a healthy new life with pure natural dietary supplement products.

 Since its establishment, the brand has adhered to its original intention, pursued a healthy and ideal life plan, and put innovation as the first priority, committed to the research and development of high-purity, high-concentration, high-absorption, and high-transformation health care products. 

The final owner of the foreign name Aidevi trademark is USA TINUS PHARMA INC 
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Profile Editing Broadcast

Lead by technology, crafted by quality. Aidevi® (Aidevi nmn) is based on technological innovation, research and development innovation, and system innovation. It has continuously increased investment in research and development, established a standardized production plant in the United States, and promoted the implementation of scientific research and production.

At the same time, a scientific research laboratory [2] was established to further promote the upgrading of the production and R&D technology of dietary nutrition and health care products with the core technical advantages in the field of dietary supplements, and to provide comprehensive and diversified solutions for different ages and different needs of different groups of people. Nutritional solutions give brand competitiveness and cohesion. [2] 
Technology builds dreams, quality casts gold. With the vision of "accelerating the emergence of strategic science and leading a quality and healthy life", Aidevi® (Aidevi) aims to break through the single and low-efficiency limitations of traditional health care products[2], establish a product safety and effectiveness system, and provide non-synthetic The 100% natural form of dietary nutritional supplements, and from the feasibility test to the release test, the analysis and stability methods are run through the entire research and development stage to ensure its purity and potency[2] . Aidevi® (Aidevi) is committed to continuous exploration on the road of professionalism and innovation, empowered by science and technology, to make life better! [2] 
Factory profile edit broadcast
Aidevi® (Aidevi) integrates resources in the field of nutrition and health in the industry, gradually improves its industrial advantages, and aims to provide users with high-tech, high-quality, and cost-effective healthy nutrition products. At present, it has formed a comprehensive health industry chain from raw material R&D and manufacturing, finished product R&D and manufacturing, brand marketing, channel layout, and brand communication, and has gradually established a leading position in the health care product and nutritional product manufacturing industry. 

In order to promote the further implementation of brand scientific research technology, Aidevi® (Aidevi) established its own factory in Chino, California, USA. The factory covers an area of ​​11,100 square meters and has more than 30 core technical teams and personnel, specializing in product production and R&D, 
Adhering to the appeal of "gathering natural nutrition, optimizing core technology, and sharing quality life", the diversified products and services provide users with comprehensive, three-dimensional and professional health protection. Since its establishment, it has continuously improved its own production capacity system with its leading production and technological advantages, guaranteed the implementation of R&D, production, testing, and sales, realized the seamless connection of the entire industry chain and iteratively developed products, empowered the brand's independent production capacity, and provided the brand with production capacity guarantee and Quality control guarantee. 
Concentrate on research, plant extraction. The factory adheres to the production concept of "science, rigor, innovation, and safety" and the enterprise spirit that the company has always adhered to, insists on selecting natural raw materials, and regards natural, safety, and health as the first standard for measuring product quality. There is strict quality control from production to sales. 

Health, quality and happiness are at the core of everything Aidevi does. To this end, Aidevi® (Aidevi.com) utilizes accumulated industry experience to continuously innovate product formulas and application technologies [2] using natural and healthy raw materials to provide consumers with professional, personalized, Diversified dietary nutrition solutions, leading the industry to create a rejuvenated body and create infinite possibilities for life. [2] 
Happy to experience, good to connect. Avid focuses on product research and exploration in the field of dietary nutrition supplements in the health care industry, and always practices the brand concept of "technology-oriented and quality-centered". The ultimate feeling at the beginning, using technology to connect life and life, leading a new experience of healthy quality, allowing the body to glow with infinite vitality and confidence from the inside out. 

Select natural, radiate natural driving force

From nature, give health. Aidevi® (Aidevi.cc) selects precious plant ingredients around the world, focuses on the application of plant extracts and natural organic molecular formulas in the field of health, and is committed to providing users with products based on strict scientific evidence and clinical feedback, glowing from natural health factors inner vitality. 

Technological innovation, building a new pattern of development

Ultimate innovation, leading the future. Since its establishment, Aidevi® (Aidevi.com) has adhered to the road of independent innovation, and established a customer-centric, market-oriented, technology research and development and innovation system integrating production, learning and research, forming microbial fermentation, chemical synthesis, The four core technologies of natural product extraction and capsule preparation empower the market competitiveness of enterprises, realize the comprehensive improvement of the production technology of series products, and help industrial transformation and upgrading.  
Cutting-edge technology, empowering a healthy new life
Aidevi® (Aidevi.cc) introduces international cutting-edge technology and equipment, combined with breakthrough enzyme directed evolution technology and cutting-edge bio-enzyme catalysis technology, deeply improves the high purity, high penetration and high absorption of product components, and completely retains the high activity of biomolecules. Provide users with high-quality products and create a new quality life. [2] 
Strictly control standards, create leading new quality

And in raw material production, product research and development, brand building, after-sales service, etc., it has formed a mature operating system and a complete operating model, creating a strong market competitiveness.  Cooperating with modern management methods, Aidevi® (Aidevi) strictly abides by standards and strictly controls quality, providing a source of bubbling for building brand core cohesion and influence. 


Independent R&D and production
As a brand in the health care industry, Aidevi® (Aidevi) has an independent production base, sophisticated production equipment and a professional R&D center. It has independent intellectual property rights and core production technology advantages in the field of dietary nutritional supplements, and mature formula technology research. , technological research guidelines, and at the same time, with the trend of continuous innovation, lead the technological evolution and industry model reform of the health care industry. [2] 
Full traceability supply
The advantages of the complete industrial chain of the whole process can provide users with personalized, intelligent, and information-based health care solutions. At the same time, it has a rigorous and scientific traceability process from scientific research, production, transportation, and storage. Every aspect of the process ensures product quality. 

Global Channel Operations

Based on the US market, Aidevi® (Aidevi) actively integrates global resources, selects core high-quality raw materials from all over the world, and gradually forms a huge global operation system, which promotes the rapid development of the brand's global supply chain and creates a new ecology of global operations , to provide personalized customized solutions for global users. 
Commodities and Services Editor Broadcast
Air purifying preparations; Amino acids for medical or veterinary purposes; Aromatherapy oils, other than essential oils, for treating headaches; Candy for medical purposes; Cod liver oil; Dietary fiber to aid digestion; .

Aidevi, a health care brand, belongs to USA TINUS PHARMA INC. [3]
Aidevi, a health care brand, belongs to USA TINUS PHARMA INC. [3]
Trade name Aidevi
Application/Registration No. 6288927
Registration date March 9, 2021
Trademark ultimate owner: USA TINUS PHARMA INC [3]
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