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Michael Levitt & AIDEVI: Positive on NMN18000's Future in China

May 09,2024 | AIDEVI

Recently, Professor Michael Levitt, the 2013 Nobel laureate in Chemistry, was invited to become the chief scientific adviser for AIDEVI, a high-end dietary supplement brand under USA TINU SPHARMA INC. Subsequently, he met with the AIDEVI China team to delve into comprehensive discussions about achievements and future plans, including the promotion of their flagship product, NMN18000, for expanding into the Chinese market.

From April 28th to 30th, the inaugural "Nobel Heroes Forum in Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City" conference was held in Guangzhou, under the leadership of the local government.

The prestigious event featured Nobel laureates like Michael Levitt (Chemistry, 2013), George Smoot (Physics, 2006), and James Fraser Stoddart (Chemistry, 2016). They engaged in deep discussions with domestic scientific experts, scholars, industry leaders, and young academics. Additionally, Professor Michael Levitt, the 2013 Nobel laureate in Chemistry and a key figure in Aidevi's research team, met with the Aidevi China team. They discussed achievements and future plans for Aidevi's expansion into the Chinese market.

Michael Levitt was invited to become the chief scientific adviser for AIDEVI

Professor Michael Levitt

Michael Levitt, a distinguished biophysicist and computational biologist, was honored with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2013, alongside Martin Karplus and Arieh Warshel. Their pioneering work in developing multiscale models for complex chemical systems garnered this prestigious award. Levitt's expertise lies in employing computational methods to analyze biological molecules like proteins and nucleic acids. His groundbreaking contributions have greatly enhanced our comprehension of molecular biology and facilitated advancements in drug discovery.


Professor Michael Levitt Optimistic about AIDEVI's Future in the Chinese Market

Professor Levitt, an advocate for improving health awareness among the Chinese population, is pleased with the enthusiastic reception and recognition that Aidevi products have garnered among consumers. At the event, he highlighted the brand's success in Hong Kong's offline market and expressed optimism for its expansion in China.

Aidevi adheres to the motto of "utilizing global nutritional technology to enhance human health" and is committed to producing scientifically-backed, safe dietary supplements. The brand made its initial foray into China through Hong Kong, where it has already made a significant impact in major drugstores such as Mannings and Japanese City.

Hong Kong serves as an ideal testing ground, bridging local and international markets, and offers distinct advantages. Aidevi values Hong Kong's "high-standard" market system, which includes stringent regulations on nutritional supplements. Moreover, with its global recognition as one of the longest-living regions for seven consecutive years, Hong Kong maintains a strong trend towards healthy consumption. Hong Kong residents, known for their robust health awareness, possess a profound understanding of nutritional supplements and uphold high standards for quality.

Lu Aiguo, Aidevi China's CMO, emphasized that gaining acceptance in the Hong Kong market equates to passing the toughest global market test. The team takes great pride in Aidevi's remarkable sales growth over the past four years in Hong Kong, becoming a top-seller in over 200 stores. Enduring the market's scrutiny is not only a testament to Aidevi's exceptional quality but also the key to winning over consumers.


Michael Levitt: Positive on NMN 18000's Future in China

During the discussion, Professor Levitt highlighted AIDEVI's best-selling product, NMN18000, delving into its core technology and mechanism.

Professor Levitt's presentation revealed that AIDEVI's NMN18000 offers a powerful blend of age-defying and health-boosting elements centered around Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN). Each capsule contains 300mg of NMN, accompanied by PQQ, resveratrol, and anthocyanin, promoting vitality, longevity, and youthful living. NMN, a direct precursor to the crucial NAD+ molecule, boosts cellular energy and overall well-being, supporting anti-aging efforts. Meanwhile, PQQ, resveratrol, and anthocyanin enhance the antioxidant and anti-aging properties of the formula. Crafted with excellence in the USA, AIDEVI's NMN18000 embodies cutting-edge research and natural wellness, offering a powerful defense against aging. Elevate your well-being with AIDEVI – where quality meets innovation for timeless health.


Professor Levitt expressed full confidence in Aidevi, anticipating that its products will bring further benefits to users in China and globally, safeguarding human health through nutritional technology.

Industry insiders see the exchange between Professor Michael Levitt and the Aidevi China team as advancing the industrialization of scientific research outcomes and demonstrating the seamless integration of scientific ethos and business acumen. With its high-quality products, including NMN18000, and commitment to ongoing innovation in research and development, Aidevi has gained extensive recognition, setting a new standard for the health industry in China and worldwide.